Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Attendance Problem

Fun Fact: I've restarted this post 3 times. NEW HIGH SCORE!

After all these rewrites I finally came to the decision that I can't say what I want to say any better than this man. No, not the crazy anti-Tea Party guy. Ignore him. He's a toolbox. I'm talking about the other guy. No, not him, either. He's important, though; Imagine he's lying on that couch wearing a Blue Jackets sweater, and that's as far as you need to go with him. The guy I'm talking about is R. Lee Ermey. You know: The guy from from Full Metal Jacket. I brought a clip. Let's watch, shall we?

[steeples his fingers] We are now ten games in on the 10-11 season. The Blue Jackets are 2 games over .500. We are tied for 7th in the western conference, and are just 4 points away from 1st place.... in the LEAGUE. We just came off of a 3 game winning streak to lose our FIRST road game. Steve Mason is well on his way to coming back into his own, and Garon is already there. The defensive corps have some injuries, but other than that the team is relatively healthy.

Despite all of the comparatively good news that's out there to talk about, all anyone seems to be able to do is bury Mason and whine about the attendance at the arena. And even on that front, there are other teams that would KILL to have our attendance numbers.

We are the hardcore community. I'm not saying we need to blunder along like everything is cotton candy, rainbows and unicorn farts. But maybe we need to save the tears and doom-and-gloom talk for when there is legitimately something to cry about.

PS: Try Geico! They have a lizard for a mascot!


  1. Kindly do not consider this as a full-throated defense of the "doom and gloom" contingent, but consider that the Blue Jackets have had fewer decisive wins (Anaheim, Philly) than blowout losses (Chicago, Calgary, Colorado). I think that the folks on that side of the fence would be a lot less upset if the CBJ had more decisive wins but, more importantly, fewer spankings at the hands of their opponents.

    No question, the team is paying for the sins of last season in court of public opinion. But it's largely the same team...why shouldn't they?

  2. Tom makes some good points. I think it is largely a case of being burned too many times.

    People remember the crushing dissapointments of the last few seasons (make the playoffs finally and get slaughtered in the first round) and are leary of getting burned yet again.

    Wins will cure everything, but the wins have to come first.

  3. Admittedly, a lot of my points look good on paper, but get a little weaker once you start digging below the surface. I wish we were doing better on the overall score sheet, but at least we're hanging on by our fingernails and pulling out wins more often than we aren't. Trouble is the squeaker wins aren't really doing much to refill anyone's patience reserves, especially after last season. And the blowouts do nothing but drain them more.

    It's a quandary. How do we hold on to some sense of optimism without looking like we're imitating the Iraqi Information Minister circa 2003 [checks behind him for tanks festooned with Red Wings logos]?

  4. I say focus on the playoff qualifying line. As long as we're on top of the line, I'll keep popping Maalox.

    Don't lose faith.

  5. A good win followed by a bad loss. I hope cbj decides they are the team we saw last Monday and not the team we saw last night. Something to consider about this year vs last; did you ever see us come back from a 2 nuthin deficit? Also what's up with Jake? He was a monster in the owners tournament. He's been invisible since. Hope he figures it out soon... When he does, look out... Mase I can't quite figure out yet.